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Window Replacement in The Triangle

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Windows are an extremely important part of your home, and a major factor in both the asthetics and efficiency of your home. Bad windows can lead to a large loss in heating and cooling, and simply look bad. If your home was built in the 70’s or 80’s as many homes in Raleigh and Cary were, you might be at the time when you need new windows. 

Window Repair Specialists 

Replacing all of the windows in your home could be the right fix, but it is not necessiarily needed for every application. If you have rot on trim around a window or just a few windows, our window repair services might be the right solution. We can rip out old, rotten material, identify the problem and then replace with new wood. We have master carpenters who are capable of almost any fix, and could potentially help you save a lot of money over replacement.


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Consolidated Roofing has been a part of the the Raleigh and Cary community for decades, and we have a reputation of fair pricing, quality work and family values. We know getting the news that you need all new windows can be difficult, but we promise to offer value and quality service throughout your window replacement process. That is why we have found quality window manufacturers to work with, and why our installers do everything they can to work quickly and efficiently when working on your project. 

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    Your roof is as important to your home as it’s foundation. It gives provides shelter. It protects you from the sun and redirects the rain. Without a roof, you don’t have a home. Fill out our estimate request form, and we’ll check it out and let you know if a roof repair is needed.