You know your home needs siding, and yet, you are having a hard time making a decision about it. It is very confusing since there are so many different types and materials on the market today. Naturally, you want the best siding that will last the longest, but it also has to be affordable. After all, you don’t buy siding every day, so this is a very important decision. Hardi Plank, which is a fiber-cement siding, may be your best siding option.

You most certainly have heard the words “environmentally friendly” a lot lately. If you are a person who wants to limit your own carbon footprint, Hardi Plank will be the siding to choose. It is made from cellulose fibers coming from a highly renewable tree species, combined with cement, also a very renewable resource. Combining the two together creates a strong, long lasting siding that is also non-toxic and highly fire resistant. It’s not the lowest cost siding and it’s not extremely high cost, sort of a middle ground type of siding that is an exceptionally long lasting, waterproof siding.

You can also get it to resemble many materials such as stucco, vinyl, wood or cedar shingles. This siding can also stand the test of time in the sun. It is important to note that Hardi Plank needs to be installed by contractors who follow the exact directions of installation so as not to void out the warranty. Because it is a fiber-cement siding, there are special sheers he will use for cutting.

It is usually guaranteed by the manufacturer for 50 years, lasting even longer if taken care of properly. That should give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be replacing the siding on your home ever again. This is exactly why you want to be absolutely sure you are making wise choices now. It is also good to know that Hardi Plank siding is the most popular siding in most new home constructions today.

The benefits it will provide by lasting 50 years, being fire resistant, water proof, non-toxic, beautiful, and affordable, make Hardi Plank the wisest choice you can make.