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Residential Re Roofing Tops the List of Value for Sellers.

Roofing – Best Home Value

According to a recent article in Remodeling Magazine, Home Sellers will see a better return on their investment when roofing or installing new siding than they would with a major kitchen renovation.

Many times people think that what they immediately see visually is far more important than those less glamorous items such as HVAC and Roofing.  Not to mention the fact that tastes among home buyers differ so much.  What may be worth the thousands of dollars to one buyer, could be worthless to another.  With an average price for these mentioned renovations running in the neighborhood of $10,000 many opinions support that the roof tops the list.  It is said that there is a recoup of 80% or more upon reaching the closing table when installing a new roof before listing to sell.

This is something that we are seeing in our Raleigh-Durham North Carolina markets more and more as sellers realize the leverage in a new roof.  Replace the roof with a local factory certified roofing contractor and pass on valid warranties to a buyer that otherwise may be swayed to the other comparable home, or comp,  in your market that invested in a new roof over kitchen.