Most homeowners would prefer not to go through the headache of finding a “roofer” to re-roof their home.  If they could do it themselves, most homeowners would to avoid the common misconceptions that most have when they think of the word “roofer.”  

Sure, there are still plenty of your stereotypical fly by night roofing “companies” that are out of business within 8-24 months from opening.  This leaves a very uneasy feeling amongst homeowners when thinking of the “what if’s” down the road.  What if I have a leak, will they be in business?  Thanks to many resources and a more stringent local building code system set in place in many states, this cuts out much of the pain in looking for a reputable company.  Most of the top teared shingle manufacturers have their own Factory Certification process as well such as CertainTeed’s Select Shingle Master program and GAF’s Master Elite program where less than 3% of roofers nationwide qualify.  

So, when looking for a reputable roofer, the best place to start is with those that actually manufacture the shingles to see who they recommend in your area.  To qualify for the top tear factory certifications roofing contractors must prove a good standing with the BBB, be financially sound as well as be in good standing with their local supply distributors.  Factory certified roofing contractors must carry the proper licenses and insurance and must be in business for a certain number of years.  Take these items alone and add in testing they must pass, you are doing much better than simply “Googling” for a roofer in your area.  

Sure, Angie’s List has become a huge resource but why not trust those that hold the roofers accountable?  When hiring a roofing contractor, hire a factory certified roofing contractor and you will find the process is much better than you ever imagined.