The key to a long lasting roof is having the proper ventilation.  It is now required by shingle manufacturers to have a full and valid warranty that you must have the proper intake and exhaust ventilation in your home.  This not only preserves the life of your roof but also goes hand in hand with the insulation in your attic to prevent the heat from settling through the ceilings of your home making it harder to heat and cool your home.  Making the right choice of what ventilation works best for your home is important.  This is where a trained and certified roofing contractor can help.  Ridge vent may be passive in it’s exhaust process and needs little to no maintenance but it isn’t always the best choice for homes with little ridge length such as homes with large hip roofs.  When looking to re roof your home give Consolidated Roofing Systems a call and a factory certified sales person can walk you through the best process for roofing your home.