Heating costs must be ‘raising the roof’ out of your household’s budget with utility bills getting higher than ever. While you have heard several home tips on how you can lessen these expenses, ‘attic ventilation’ may come as rather uncommon. But know that this home improvement option is highly recommended if you want to maximize the ventilation of your house. This keeps cold air out and heat and inside, and allows a natural flow of air in your attic preventing ice dams and moisture buildup, which are common in Raleigh during and after winter. shares this information about attic ventilation:

During the summer, excess heat that builds up in the attic during the day results in high energy costs for cooling. Also, moisture produced within the home may move into the attic if ceiling vapor barriers are not used. If this moisture is not exhausted from the attic it can condense and cause insulation and construction materials to deteriorate. Thus, temperature and moisture control are the major reasons for providing attic ventilation.

In a home with poor ceiling insulation, heat movement through ceilings may account for 30 percent or more of the total cooling cost. With a well-insulated ceiling, this source of heat may account for only 12 to 15 percent of the total cooling cost. Thus, high attic ventilation rates are most important for poorly insulated ceilings.

Now that it is spring and summer is fast approaching with Raleigh’s temperature starting to swing up above 32°, good home insulation is your best bet to regulate the temperature. Installing before summer starts is your opportunity to decrease your need for air conditioning. Just think of the money you’ll save on electricity bills!

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