Skylights are quickly growing in popularity. Not only are homeowners installing them into their pre-existing roofs, but builders are also making them a standard feature in new home construction because of how many people desire them. In the past, having skylights was a luxury only enjoyed by the wealthy. However, with the installation costs dropping down, just about everyone can afford to include them in their residences. No one like to feel like they are living in a “box.” Skylights are a way of bringing in some of the outdoors into the home.

Four Benefits Of Having Skylights:

1. Lower electric bill.

What better way to keep the house as bright as possible during the day then by having skylights? The economy is still struggling to get back on its feet. People are looking for every way possible to shave down expenses in order to be able to keep more money in their pockets. The no cost light provided by skylights allows homeowners to use their fluorescent bulbs less, and thus cutting their electric bill costs.

2. Reduction in heating bill.

The sun not only provides light, but it also provides heat. During the cold winter months, skylights help lower heating bills by guiding warm sunlight into the heart of a home. Even assisting the elevation in temperature by a few degrees can results in hundreds of dollars saved in heating costs each year.

3. Brightens home. During the daytime, windows do an adequate job of allowing enough sunlight to enter the home to illuminate it enough for people to see. But skylights take illumination to another level. Why is this so important? The brightness makes the home appear much larger than it is, and for those trying to sell a home in this tough real estate market, the presence of a few skylights can affect how a potential home buyer is viewing the space inside the residence.

4. Natural light. Human beings need sunlight. Our bodies are covered with skin, and we need sunlight to be able to synthesize vitamin D for skeletal management. Skylights allow a portion of sunshine to enter the home. Not all light is created equal. For individuals suffering from season affective disorder, also known as SAD, getting sufficient amount of sunlight is critical to their emotional well-being. The natural glow of sunshine provides more than just mere light, and cannot be compared to the sterility of the light given by a florescent light bulb.

Skylights are becoming a staple in the American home. The reason behind this is the cost-savings that skylights can provide in both heating and lighting, as well as the added benefits caused by the natural light.