There is no doubt that at some point in your home’s life it will be impacted by a hurricane. Living here in North Carolina, a coastal state, we see hurricanes on a yearly basis. The weekend of April 16-17th 2011 wa


s critical for residents of our state. In one day we learned the horrible lesson of the damages that tornados bring to the states in “tornado alley” on a regular basis. In one day 62 tornados spawned in 20 different counties spreading damage throughout our entire state. From anywhere in NC a short drive would bring you to road closures and neighborhood devastation.  Even homes that were spared from total demolition suffered severe damage from rain penetrating their roof through lifted and blown of shingles.

Why what we do is different.

In the past few years roofing products have come a long way. The technology of today’s products help protect consumers belongings and their lives. The greatest advantage is that these huge steps in technology have become affordable in our current economical situation. Up until now roofers used a felt product to cover the plywood before nailing in your shingles.  For over a hundred years it has been used as the underlayment on your roof. The biggest disadvantage of roofing felt is that it breaks down, becomes porous, weak, and brittle due to the materials it’s made out of. It also cannot withstand the elements should a few of your shingles blow off due to high winds.  Constant warm sunshine and humid air during the day heating your shingles to over 200 degrees F and the cool nights cooling your shingles back down, cause adverse affects on this product made of asphalt, sand, and heavy paper. Over time, the product no longer holds out water and the brown spots you’re seeing on the inside of your bedroom ceiling are from those “weak” places in the felt. Consolidated Roofing Systems, Inc. no longer uses felt for these reasons. A wonderful product has been introduced into the market which makes your investment last much longer, and we want that for our customers!

Introducing Titanium Underlayment.

As per their online description Titanium UDL 30 is

“a highly engineered, mechanically attached, coated woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs.”

The benefits of this product far outweigh its product description. The manufacturer states that the product can be exposed to direct UV light for 6 months, giving the homeowner a great comfort should high winds blow off some of their shingles. Storms occur with poor timing, on weekends, or while your family is out of town, or even while you’re at work. It could be hours or days before you realize that some of your shingles are missing from your roof. With felt underlayment water and sunlight will quickly break it down, and water will come into your home, damaging your plywood, attic insulation, drywall, and possibly your belongings. With Titanium those worries disappear and should a strong wind come and try to ruin your day, that simple investment could save your family THOUSANDS.

Our Details Make the Difference.

When Consolidated Roofing Systems, Inc. installs your roof, you gain comfort knowing that we take the time and use the best products on the market to ensure that your investment has you covered. In our continued persuit to give you the best value for your investment, we strive to be the most educated in the business of re-roofing your home.