Home Insulation

What R-Value does your attic have?

It’s not too late to make your house as energy efficient against the cold winter air. When is the last time that you checked your attic to see how much insulation you have?  Rarely do homeowners go into their attic space and even fewer know what to look for once they’re there.  When homes were built over the last 10 years the general rule of thumb was to install R-30 in the attic space.  That equates to about 10” of insulation in the attic floor.  Most of that would be cellulose or batten insulation rolls.  Over time that ten inches settles and will end up being 3-5 inches.  The current suggested R-Value for the Southeast according to the National Energy Commission is R-49, or 18”, soon to be raised to R-60.  That’s a far cry from the 3-5 inches you most likely have.  That being said, take the cold weather and your upcoming utility bill as motivation to be proactive and re-insulate your homes attic.  Call Consolidated Roofing Systems today for your free attic inspection and insulation estimate and lower those heating and cooling bills.