Bathroom remodeling is something everyone should have experienced, because for so many people, the bathroom is the most important room in the house. Bathroom remodels fall into three basic categories: the master bedroom or en suite bathroom, the shared full hallway bathroom, and the powder room. Each remodel has radically different needs.

Powder rooms
The problem with so many powder rooms is that they are in the wrong place. Too often, powder rooms are placed either directly next to the front door, or in embarrassing proximity to the kitchen. The appropriate place for a powder room is near a back door of a house, where users will tend to have greater privacy. The wonderful thing about a powder room remodel is that any decent sized closet, 3×4 feet, is adequate for a powder room. This is a good room to show off high end sinks and toilets; impress the guests with your good taste. Wherever you put your powder room, a noisy fan will put even the most uptight user more at ease, and if you can add any extra sound proofing, even better. Whether you are moving your powder room, or upgrading, the emotional ease of your guests is the prime consideration.

Hall Bathrooms
A hall bathroom is always shared, often by siblings. When remodeling, look for two sinks, and if possible, find a way to put the commode in a walled off niche. Privacy, privacy, privacy! If your hall bath has space for a tub, be sure to put in some form of sliding door; shower curtains are so low class in comparison. One of your major goals is to create as much storage as possible. Look for usable wall space for towel shelving, and make certain there is as much medicine cabinet space as possible.

En Suite Bathrooms
On resale, nothing adds more to the unconscious valuation of a house than a classy master bathroom. If at all possible, put in a stall shower separate from your whirlpool tub. Go for his and her sinks with the finest quality fittings. Marble rules, on the floor, on the walls, in the shower. And, for heaven’s sake, put the commode behind a separate door; that is one of the best ways to keep a marriage fresh.