Raleigh Roofing Experts imageAre you one of the many Raleigh locals who are looking forward to seeing blooming azaleas, dogwoods and Bradford pear trees once again? North Carolina’s refreshing winter-spring transition weather is here. The arrival of spring marks the best time to begin several long-shelved home improvement projects. Many homeowners see the season’s warmer weather as the best time to get a move on with their roofing chores.

But it looks like Raleigh roofing contractors and homeowners will have to keep the business of fixing up homes on standby despite the arrival of spring, because rain and snow just keep on visiting. Check out this recent local weather report from NewsObserver.com:

By Tuesday, the models are predicting a coastal low will quickly develop off the Carolina coast. Because the cold air will already be in place, and the storm will take shape rapidly, the set up is for either rain or snow, not one of those wintry mixes with sleet and freezing rain. So, when you look at the five day forecast this evening and see “rain/snow” on Tuesday, you can be pretty sure that is what we should see. So at least, if we have another snow day, snow might actually be involved.

If the precipitation is light and the temperature hovers around 33 degrees, we’ll expect rain with a few flakes mixed in. If there is a band or two of heavier precipitation, we could see some real snow because the atmosphere will cool pretty quickly as a result and remain cool enough to support it.

Still, the slightly gloomy weather outlook should not stop you from proceeding with your home improvement plans. The rain or snow may give you reasons to stay at home, but you can still contact Consolidated Roofing Systems, a dependable Raleigh NC roofing and insulation specialist,also serving property owners in Wilmington, Fayetteville, and Durham.Check out www.crstoroof.com to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

(Article excerpt and image from First full day of spring doesn’t mean winter weather’s done, newsobserver.com, March 21, 2014)