Spring cleaning in its general sense is about thoroughly cleaning up a home; but it’s not just about dusting or airing out stuff, it is also a time to replace or repair faulty parts of your house in preparation for the seasons to come. Your roof is your primary line of defense against outside elements so it is safe to say that among all the parts of the house, it is the only one that usually needs repairs or in more severe cases, a replacement.North Carolina facing 2 days of severe weather Image

However, the areas within North Carolina will have to delay their spring cleaning for a few days because, apparently, the tornadoes that recently battered the area delayed the cleanup schedule, and another storm is coming their way:

As parts of eastern North Carolina clean up from weekend tornadoes, a new system approaching the state may bring a new round of destructive weather that likely will span two days.

The National Weather Service reports that a large system approaching the state could bring heavy rains, hail, damaging winds and tornadoes on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday. It’s the same system that’s already killed dozens of people and brought widespread damage in the central U.S.

National Weather Service meteorologist Shawna Cokley said the storm is a slow-moving system, leading to the two-day threat.

Forecasters say the greatest threat is on Tuesday, with the possibility for more severe weather beginning Wednesday afternoon.

If you are one of the homeowners who are looking forward to completing their spring cleaning tasks, you should always mind your roof and check for the damage it has possibly sustained from the past hailstorms. As soon as the weather calms down, don’t delay in checking out Raleigh roofing contractors for an estimate; otherwise, things will only get worse. For areas such as Raleigh, Durham, Sanford & Chapel Hill to Fayetteville and coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, the trusted contractor to consult is Consolidated Roofing Systems.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from North Carolina facing 2 days of severe weather, newsobserver.com)