shingle nailing

In the world of residential roof replacement shingle nailing, some homeowners are intrigued by roofing contractors that claim to be the fastest.  That is fine should the roofing crew be large enough, skilled enough and supervised.  However, there are 4 common shingle nailing problems that occur.  These issues can be due to rushing through a job or simply lack of training.

So, what are the four most common shingle fastening problems?

Under-driven nails

  • The main problem comes with winds that lift up the shingles that are not properly fastened causing “blow-off.” They can cause a lifted appearance  as well due to the nails creating a bump in the shingle that is laid over the improperly nailed shingle.

Over-driven nails

  • Over-driven fasteners can also cause shingles to blow off easily.  However, the potential for water leaks become very high also.   Many claim hand nailing shingles versus pneumatic nail guns solves this problem.  Once again, this comes down to training and the use of properly set air pressure.  Fatigue can be an issue with hand nailing just as unregulated pressure in air tanks can be.

Crooked nails

  • Wind can easily lift shingles with crooked nails as they can nails that are under-driven.  This can happen with an untrained roofer just as it can one that is overly tired.  Proper supervision and trained roofing technicians are the cure for this problem.

Improperly positioned nails

  • The shingles can begin to curl due to the pressure outside of the nail line or to far inside of the end of the shingle tab.  Architectural shingles can de-laminate if nailed above the nail line.  This is known as shim slips where the lower 7″ mat disconnects from the upper mat portion and slides down or off of the roof face.  This is especially prevalent with steep slope roofs.


Contact a local and factory certified roofing contractor when looking to replace your roof.  The savings you find when choosing the cheap roofer can cost far more in the long run.  So, save yourself time and frustration and choose a roofing company that is known for quality and stands behind their work.