The year 2015 has arrived. Do you have plans for your Raleigh roofing? Follow this checklist to ensure a superbly functioning roof this year:

  • Spot damage. Plan two thorough inspections for your roof this year. It’s an important aspect of preventive maintenance that helps you catch issues before they become more difficult and expensive to repair. Pay attention to the roof’s most vulnerable parts like shingles, flashing, and attic space.
  • Repair failing parts. Schedule fixes for failed roofing parts soon after each inspection. If you have damaged flashing, repair them immediately to prevent roof leaks. Redo seals and caulking if necessary. Get rid of cracked, buckled, curled, or blistered shingles. Hammer loosened fasteners and nails securely back in place. Remember, the key to a healthy roof is to never delay fixes.
  • Clean roof surface. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements. Naturally, grit and grime will accumulate on the surface over time. Clear away leaves, twigs, and other wind-blown objects. Do your house’s curb appeal a favor by removing mold stains, mildew, and moss. Scrub it with a cleaning solution and give it a power wash. If there are unkempt branches close by, trim those too.
  • Unclog gutters. To prevent water from damaging your home, keep your gutters clog-free at all times. Scoop up the leaves and debris using a trowel. With a garden hose, flush the gutters and downspouts to flush away grit and anything else that is in the way. Doing this can tell you which sections are leaking, so pay attention to the water’s path. For a cost-effective and long-term solution, install a gutter cover.

Tip: Hire a professional roofer. There are just some things you mustn’t do alone. While we encourage you to make an effort to keep your roofing in tip-top condition, we don’t recommend getting up on your own roof. We don’t even recommend climbing up a ladder. Instead, contact an expert roofing contractor to do the inspecting, cleaning, and repairing for you. They will also have a better idea when roof replacement is the proper solution to your roofing problems.

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