raleigh roofing (6)Roof repairs can happen 8-10 years after roof installation. Roof leaks can be due to typical pipe boots or even gutters that are clogged.  Pipe boots can leak because the rubber gasket dries from UV rays and splits.  This allows water to run down the PVC vent pipe into the home.  The same goes for chimney flashing, if not installed or caulked properly.



The gutters can be your friend or worst nightmare depending on how many tress canopy your home.  At CRS, we recommend Rain Drop Gutter guard if you have falling leaves and debris.  This product has a 20 year warranty and just works!

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Keeping the valleys free from leaves and debris is as important as keeping your gutters clean.   Consolidated Roofing Systems now offers homeowners Roofing Maintenance programs to take the worry out of “roof.” This is perfect for those who have roofs that are new enough not to be concerned about replacement and for those who are not yet ready for roof replacement.  Find a local certified roofing contractor in your area to check your roof. Have them look for exposed nail heads that need caulking, clean the valley’s and gutters.  Ask them to inspect your roof for any potential problem areas that may be in need of repair.  Doing this will buy your roof time and save you money over time.  Stop worrying about your roof and call a local and reputable roofing contractor today and have them inspect your roof.  

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area give Consolidated Roofing Systems a call and ask about their 1, 2 and 3 year roof maintenance programs at 919-667-7456 or click here for our contact page!