Residential Roofing

cary roofing companiescary roofing companiesResidential roofing …is a process that should not be taken lightly when looking to replace your roof.  There is a process that is set as a guideline but shingle manufactures that work.  Therefore, those roofing contractors certified by the shingle manufacturers are held to a higher standard and preform to that level.  From the warranties provided to the way they set up and take care of your home.  You are sure to see a difference when a factory certified roofing contractor replaces your roof versus the fly by night storm chaser that replaces your neighbors.

Not to say that some storm damage is not legitimate.  However, when someone promises you a roof at no cost to you maybe it’s time to take a moment and consider putting the cheapest thing on top of your most expensive possession may not be the best solution.  After all, if you go the insurance storm claim route and spend $2000 for a $12,000 roof from a reputable, local and factory certified roofing contractor the investment looks to be a much better deal. Sometimes it helps to gain a fresh perspective when looking at home maintenance items that have a higher cost.  It’s no surprise that people would rather update their kitchen than replace their roof.  That is, until they have a leak ruining that newly painted ceiling and walls.

What to do?

Therefore, take your time and speak to friends and neighbors that take care of their home as you do yours.  Chances are you will get a great recommendation as opposed to being drawn to that temptation of a free roof.  We all know there’s no free lunch.  Especially when quality is concerned.  So, if you are in the market to replace your roof or in the middle of an insurance claim, contact a local and reputable roofing contractor.  You wont be sorry that you did!