In Raleigh, residents enjoy taking their dogs for an early morning walk every day. However, just in case you are going somewhere quite far and you are bringing your pets with you, you might want to leave them at home instead, especially when it is hot. Letting them stay inside your car for a while can be very dangerous, according to an article from

Even if the air conditioner is left on, it’s never good to leave an animal inside a car because it won’t help cool the animal, authorities said. Dogs, for example, have an internal body temperature of 102 degrees and it’s difficult for them to cool themselves.

“It’s a heat stroke, essentially, is what they succumb to,” said Dr. Ginger Tran with Heritage Animal Hospital in Wake Forest. “In a car with windows, even if they are cracked, the temperature can increase over 15 degrees just within 5-10 minutes.”

In that same amount of time, a dog’s temperature can jump 20-25 degrees in 10 minutes, she added.

As temperatures become warmer, Tran said Wednesday’s incident is a reminder to dog owners regarding the danger of leaving pets in cars.

“Leave them at home,” she said.

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(Article Excerpt From Dog deaths a reminder to keep pets at home during hot days,, May 15, 2014)