A WSILTV.com article by Stephanie Tyrpak and Randy Livingston published last December 13, 2013 details the effects of a snowstorm’s aftermath on the homes of Southern Illinois residents:

Winter StormIce dams are the biggest problem from last week’s storm. It’s a layer of ice that builds up on the edge of the roof. That layer prevents melted water from draining off the roof.

Outdoors it makes an icicle, but indoors it makes a leak.

The ice dams are a formation that points to warm air escaping into the attic.

“You’re losing energy,” said Tim Gibson. Gibson is the Coordinator of Sustainability and Building Systems at John A. Logan College. “You’re creating a severe structural problem for your house.”

Gibson says there are a few reasons why a roof gets heated, one being too little attic insulation.

“You’re thermal blanket that’s protecting the home is letting excessive warm air up through it,” said Gibson.

Air seeping from ductwork or gaps near wiring or pipes can also let in heat. Those issues may be an easier fix.

The article discusses a problem in an area where 21 degrees Fahrenheit is a common low temperature. Even if the majority of North Carolina Raleigh roofing systems will not experience such intense weather, it is still important for homeowners like you to make sure that your entire roof is in optimal condition to meet the cold temps that the city is sure to experience.

One way of ensuring that the home is going to be well-protected from North Carolinian winters is to properly inspect the insulation of the attic. Ensuring that there are no means for warm air to escape to the cold outside will lessen the chances of ice dams falling, not to mention lower your energy bills

The exterior must be checked as well. If you spot problem areas that need fixing right away, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact reputable Raleigh roofing companies to do the job because delaying the repairs until spring will only further the damage. Said companies are well-equipped and trained to handle any problems that may arise when it comes to roofing in winter.

Winter is a harsh season for roofs, so it is imperative that they are ready for any beatings the season will bring. Raleigh homeowners interested in getting their roofs repaired can contact reliable services like Consolidated Roofing Systems for more details.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Winter Storm Leaves Behind Busy Week for Roofers, WSILTV.com, December 13, 2013)