Home value and your roof

Home owners across the country are seeing amazing gains in value.  A recent poll conducted by the National Association of Realtors stated that having a new architectural shingled roof on your home adds 5% to the value.  Have a designer shingle installed on your roof and they saw a 7% increase in the home’s value.  That’s quite a return on your money considering the low difference in cost to upgrade from a flat three tab shingle to an architectural.


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Shingle Upgrades

By today’s standards, most reputable roofing contractors are passing along their wholesale cost to homeowners to upgrade from the 25 year to the architectural.  Therefore, a 3,000 square foot roof would cost an approximate $510 additional to the homeowner to upgrade from the 25 year shingle to the standard architectural shingle (ie: Landmark or Timberline).  This is an approximate price of course, depending on current material costs and the region that you live in.

For the purpose of getting the idea across lets use a 2,000 square foot home in Apex, NC tax valued at $230,000 that has a 30 sq. roof (the example does not reflect that of the average home in the United States as we know all regions have various pricing).  That home with a new architectural shingle would increase in sale value by over $10,000.  Where can you turn $510 US dollars into $10,000?  Not many!  When deciding on what type of shingle that you are looking to have installed on your roof.  Pause for a moment to consider it to be an investment and not just a shingle.

Take the time and contact a local and factory certified roofing contractor.  Ask them to price out replacing your roof and if they have financing options all the better.  Their opinion along with your Realtor will help guide you in the right direction.