So you need a new roof for your home?  There are many improvements that can, and need to be done to a home as it ages.  Some are simply cosmetic while others are simply unavoidable.  As per a December 9th, 2015 article in the National Association of Realtor’s “Realtor” magazine titled “New Roof Is Greatest Remodeling Value”, a new roof is the #1 remodel of choice by adding appeal to buyers, return on investment and owner joy.

There’s no doubt that when listing your home to sell that an aging roof will be one of the first things to come up in negotiations.  As with HVAC, roofing is a part of the home that is something of a necessity.  A new roof adds curb appeal and keeps the house free from the elements.  When a roof is on beyond its life expectancy it can lead to leaks which lead to interior damage or simple ceiling stains.  Neither are attractive to buyers and only give most a reason to move on with their search.  Give a home buyer a way to avoid going through the process of finding a good roofing contractor is enough of a reason for them to focus on the home with the new roof.

It has been reported that installing an architectural shingle to a home adds up to 5% of value to that home while installing a traditional 3 tab shingle adds 3%-4%.  Given the price difference being so low by today’s standards, it is not a hard decision to go with the Limited Lifetime Architectural shingle to not only modernize the look but to increase its value as well.

The bottom line is most would enjoy a new kitchen or bathroom but at the end of the day, your roof is the top of your house.  For a free estimate to update your roof, call CRS today and speak with a Factory Certified Roofing Specialist!