A unique backsplash can add interest and a pop of color to almost any room. Some people create a backsplash using the same material as the flooring in their kitchen. This practice can save money by using leftover materials that were purchased for the floor, but may also make the room appear boring and mediocre. With the number of materials available to create a unique backsplash it is worth the extra effort to design one that flows with the design of your kitchen but also stands out and adds an extra design element to the room.


There are a huge variety of options when it comes to using tile to create a backsplash. One inexpensive way is to use vinyl floor tiles as your backsplash. Vinyl tiles are a great choice because they are designed to resist stains and last for years. Ceramic tiles are another great choice. If you find that ceramic tiles are too expensive or don’t fit in with your decor, try creating your own mosaic using pieces of ceramic tile that are already broken or breaking your own. You could even buy some old china dishes and break them into small pieces for your mosaic. You can either use the same color ceramic for the whole backsplash or create a design using several different colors.

Wallpaper or Paint

Wallpaper is a popular choice for backsplashes because there are so many different options to choose from. It is a good idea to get samples of several wallpaper choices and hold them up to the wall where your backsplash will be. This allows you to visualize how each paper will look when the backsplash is complete. Many colors look very different in a book than they look on the wall.

Paint is another great choice for a backsplash. It is easy to change if you like to redesign your rooms often. You can even use chalkboard paint for your backsplash and write messages or draw pictures right on the walls. Paint colors usually look darker on the walls than they do in the can, so it’s a good idea to choose a paint shade that is slightly lighter than you want the actual color to be.

Getting remnants from a home improvement store is a great way to save money when creating your own backsplash, especially if you want a mosaic. Becoming friendly with a couple of employees at the store can help you gain access to all the best remnants for very reasonable prices.