The winters in North Carolina aren’t always harsh, but they are definitely unpredictable. And having a fully-functioning roof is they key to being protected from the cold and wet weather outside. Before the frigid temperatures arrive, you will want to make sure your roof is in proper condition to withstand whatever the season brings. 

Here are some basic actions to take to make sure you’re prepared:

Check your insulation:

In your attic or top floor, you will hopefully have access to the insulation directly below your roof. It’s important to check it before the winter for at least two reasons. First, there will be a lot of snow and ice lying directly on your roof. If there are any wet spots in your insulation now, that means water is getting through, and when the snow on your roof melts, much more may enter. 

The second reason is warmth. Heat rises, and while the roof can trap some of that heat before it passes through, the insulation is the key to fully preventing the heat’s escape. If you see places where the insulation is missing or has fallen, this is the time to make sure your barrier to the cold temperatures outside is strong — it’ll also save you money!

Make sure the gutters are clear:

In the fall, lots of debris accumulates on your roof. It can be alright for a little while, but if the sticks and leaves settle in the gutters, problems can follow in the winter. One issue to worry about with clogged gutters is overflowing from melting snow and ice. The water could back up and cause water damage to the roof or exterior wall. It could even enter the house if there are any cracks. 

Roof rats and other small animals also love a clogged gutter, because they can make a warm home for the winter out of it. All the debris blocks the flow of water, so there is a reasonably dry home for them on the other side of the dam with leaves and other debris to use as bedding. Cleaning your gutters, or having them cleaned for you, is the best way to keep these pests far from your home. 

Visually inspect your roof

If your roof is compromised in any particular area, you may be able to spot it from a simple visual check. During the winter, your roof could be covered in snow or ice, making it more difficult to see problem areas. You can check the roof by standing back and using binoculars to scan every spot for missing shingles or other damage. You could also get on a ladder and take a closer look, but be careful! With flatter-pitched roofs, you can more safely walk around on top without as much danger. 

Have an expert winter-proof your roof!

While you could check your insulation, clean your gutters, climb on ladders, look for roof rats and inspect the integrity of your roof before winter, you probably don’t have the desire (or expertise) to do some of these tasks. 

Consolidated Roofing Services, based in Cary, is happy to provide these services for you though. We serve the entire Triangle area of North Carolina (Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and beyond), as well as Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville and Wilmington. For those wanting to ensure a safe, warm, dry winter, give us a call at 919-377-2644 and we can get your roof ready for winter.