Planning a new roof is easy, but choosing the right materials has proven to be a challenge for many homeowners. The sheer number of roofing material options, for example, can be overwhelming. We recommend looking at three things: your area’s climate, your home’s architecture, and your own budget.

In the United States, asphalt (or composition) shingles are the most popular roofing type. The standard shingle consists of two layers of asphalt with a fiberglass mat in between. The surface is protected by a layer of tiny stones meant to fend off harmful rays from the sun.

Here are a few great things about shingles:

  • They’re suitable for most climate types (others even come with upgraded 130 mph wind warranties for areas with harsh weather)
  • They’re available in a plethora of styles to match a variety of architectural types
  • In addition, Consolidated Roofing System, your Raleigh roofing contractors, can install and repair shingles relatively inexpensively

GAF™, the nation’s leading manufacturer of top-quality roofing products, has a stellar line of shingle products. No other company offers a wider range of designs, colors, textures, and performance features. This is why Consolidated Roofing System, as a GAF Master Elite™–certified contractor, has put together this Homeowner’s Ultimate Shingle Guide, which is meant to help homeowners like you pick out the best shingle option for your home.

The guide is very simple to use. We’ve listed a number of different architectural designs; each accompanied by a list of shingle products that we think best brings out its features. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for you when you get your hands on this style book:

Victorian-Style Houses

Bay windows, turrets, towers, and steeply pitched roofs are indicative of this type of architectural design. The roofs are uniquely shaped, which gives the house an overall asymmetrical façade.

Recommended Products

Slateline® shingles look like real slate but at a much affordable price. They feature bold shadow lines and a tapered cutout look that brings depth and dimension to the roof.

Sienna® is part of GAF’s line of Lifetime Designer Shingles. The tabs have a unique diamond shape that gives off a very old-world feel.

Recommended Shingle Colors

Bright reds, muted greens, and blended grays nicely complement most traditionally themed homes.

You can access the rest of the Homeowner’s Ultimate Shingle Guide by going to Fill out the form to receive your own copy of the handbook, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

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