Home Improvement

What is the best return on investment in the world of home improvement?  The Real Estate market across the country, for the most part, has been moving along quite well.  There are DYI and Home Improvement tips, shows and commercials every where you look.  As today’s home owners become more savvy with “reno’s,” and some with their budget, the reality can set in quite fast when pricing out what is a want versus a need.

home improvementWhat do Home Owners want most?

According to recent survey’s a home owner is less likely to recoup their investment from a full kitchen or bathroom remodel than what they get back what you spend on basic home maintenance. Replacing roofs and windows were also high on the list, returning 80 percent or more at resale.  Let’s face it, when buying a re-sell, as opposed to new construction, homeowners do look at what sparkles and shines.  However, when the home inspection report comes in and there is mention of roof issues or an HVAC that may need to be replaced, those items suddenly become more important than the pretty granite counter tops.

roofing repairs

What should you do?

Think of your home as your body.  We go to the dentist, not because we love it but because of maintenance.  We go to the doctor for our annual physical as basic maintenance.  Why not do the same for your home?  Make sure things as simple as the ice maker line is replaced ever so often.  Make sure the caulk around your windows is in good shape.  Therefore, cleaning the roof and keeping it free from debris should be a given!  Check with your local and reputable roofing contractor to see if they offer a roof maintenance program.  Just like your heating and air conditioning units, your roof needs love too!