Energy Loss in a Home




With record temperatures across much of the U.S. the “hot” topic of today is home energy loss, or better yet, energy savings!  There are many ways to assess your roof, attic and home to make sure your house is ready to beat the heat and save energy and not loose it through your roof.


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Does your roof have the proper intake and exhaust roof ventilation?  It has been documented that the majority of energy loss in a home is through the roof.  Up to 40% that is!  Having the proper intake at the lowest point of the attic floor (i.e.: soffit vents) to bring cooler air in from the outside in combination of an exhaust ventilation at the highest point of the roof line (i.e.: Ridge Vent or Power Fans) will allow for a full rotation of exchange for cooler outside air that replaces the hot air trapped in the attic.


Also, do you have the proper level of insulation?  It is a fact that builder grade insulation meets the minimum requirements for the local building codes but over time it will settle leaving your home with very little protection against the heat settling in through your ceilings at the end of a hot day.

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Are your windows showing condensation?  This could be a sign of poor kitchen and bathroom ventilation causing the moisture from cooking or showers to stay in the home and not exhaust.  Another cause could be that it’s time to upgrade your windows to more efficient option.  Check those doors as well to make sure the weather stripping is in good shape to prevent your air conditioning from spilling outside.


These are starting points for a homeowner to check and then call a trained and certified local professional to assess what is the best option for replacement or repair.  If you live in the Raleigh, Durham and surrounding Triangle areas of North Carolina, give Consolidated Roofing Systems a call today for your free roof assessment and estimate to give you the best protection for your home against the elements. 919-851-3456