Raleigh Roofing Contractors imageSpring in North Carolina is a heavily anticipated season, especially in Raleigh where the locals are looking forward to Hoop Jam and the Spring Break, Pretty Music, and World Beer festivals. But spring is also hail season in the area—a fact that’s got locals and visitors saying prayers for good weather and has Raleigh homeowners worried about their roofs from March to July of every year.

Roofing contractors in Raleigh NC never fail to remind locals how huge an impact hailstones smaller than tennis balls can have on their roofs. The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes has more to say on the subject:

After a hailstorm, check the trees, shrubs and plants around your home. If they are stripped of foliage, there is a possibility your roof is damaged. Also, if patio furniture, screens or roof vents are dented, there may be roof damage.

Check your roof carefully. Be sure to cover any holes in your roof or broken windows so that water can not enter your home and damage the interior and your possessions.

Before hailstorms hit your home, start looking for reliable roofing contractors in Raleigh. Find a trusted specialist who can help you assess the condition of your roof—its age, type of material, possible weak points, and so on. With their help, you may be able to minimize any of the damage that hail storms might inflict on your roof.

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(Article excerpt and image from Hail: Damaged Roofs – Inspecting and Identifying, flash.org)