It seems as though the “topic of the day” within roofing over the last few years is hail damage.  This epidemic has spread into every community in a widespread manor causing insurance rates to increase due to “high claim rate area status” and has given many homeowners a false sense of getting something for nothing.  Many home owners have had their door bell ring only to be told that they may have hail damage and, if so, that they could get a roof free of charge.  Then you are left wondering when in the world did it hail?  Well, there is a 3 year statute of limitations on storm damage and there are unfortunately some, not all, storm focused roofing companies’ that bank on getting claims passed in order to do business because the data shows that area had a hail storm within the last 3 years.

Many times a shingle defect of blistering or granulation can appear to be storm damage just the same.  Keep in mind hail does not just impact one small area of your roof and nothing else.  As the direction, speed of the wind and the size of the hail storms can vary, so will the impact it has on a home.  As the hail falls it will cause damage, if large enough, to aluminum gutters, window screens, aluminum and vinyl siding as well as the hood of A/C units and grills.  Since most homeowners are not climbing on their roof, the best place to start is by inspecting the gutters and down spouts for “ding’s” or impacts then look at all other soft metals and vulnerable materials around the home itself.

If you suspect you truly have hail damage and not because your neighbor got a new roof recently, then call your insurance adjuster and request an inspection by a “Steep Slope Specialist” whom is HAAG Certified.  This is your best bet for an honest assessment outside of a local factory certified Roofing Contractor who is reputable and can properly assess your roof.