Once upon a time the typical upgrade from a traditional three tab shingle was to an architectural, or laminate, shingle.  As trends change and supply meets demand, prices change and things once costly become affordable.  The once costly architectural shingle is now very affordable.  To the point, it has nearly replaced the three tab shingle and by many standards has become the starting point in shingle selections for homes across the nation.  What has replaced the architectural as today’s upgrade?  Is it slate or clay tiles?  Metal perhaps?  The designer shingle is now step two in may roofing contractors offerings of choice to homeowners.  Shingle manufacturers not only have many styles and colors to choose from but they now have designer shingles that have a category of “affordable series.”  This opens style availability up in tremendous ways to improve the look and value of your home.  Once paint made the impact but now a designer shingle could be just the thing to set your home apart from others on the block.  Talk to your local factory certified roofing contractor today about your options in Designer Shingles.