The shingle manufacturer requires a minimum of (4) nails per shingle, but that is the minimum for a minimum warranty. Assuming you are a factory certified contractor (6) nails per shingle is absolutely required for all upgrades on warranties. Example:

  1. 4 nails with any contractor, 50 year shingle has 10 year 100% warranty against factor defects and then the shingle is prorated to -0- over 40 years. Also during the 10 year warranty period, the homeowner pays to remove defective shingles, pays to install the new shingle and pays for the landfill
    1. With a factory certified contractor using 6 nails, it’s all inclusive for 50 years. Material, labor, and landfill.
  2. Contractors workmanship warranty is whatever he gives the homeowner
    1. With a factory certified contractor, the workmanship warranty is for 10 years with consolidated, but after 3 years the contractor warranty is removed and the factory replaced it with a 25 year workmanship warranty covered by the manufacturer.
  3. Wind warranty is 110 mph with a non-certified contractor and less than 6 nails.
    1. With factory certified contractor, the wind warranty will move to using 6 nails and go up from 110 mph to 130 mph. With one manufacturer “GAF” if you are a Master Elite Contractor as Consolidated Roofing Systems is, the wind warranty will go to “infinity that’s correct, UNLIMITED with their new technology.

So using a certified factory contractor “not individual certification” and using 6 nails on your homes roof it is much more secure. And the certified contractor should not charge you, the homeowner, an up-charge for this service.