Your roof protects you every day from all the elements and it is important that you know the parts of your roof and their functions. How familiar are you with the parts of your Raleigh roofing? Let us see how many roofing terms on this list you know.

#1 Ridge

The ridge is one of the more noticeable parts of your roof. It is the long beam that runs along the entire length of your roof. It is also the roof’s highest point. When ridges changed direction, an inside corner called valley is created.

#2 Underlayment

From something noticeable, let’s go to a roofing part you barely see. Underlayment is an asphalt-based rolled material meant to serve as an extra protective layer. It is placed on top of the decking to lock out water and moisture.

#3 Soffit Boards

These horizontal boards run along the underside of your roofline. It closes off the area between the end of the eaves and your house. Typically made of vinyl, soffit boards are designed to have vents that run along its length. These allow air to enter and circulate in the attic.

#4 Fascia

The fascia is a trim board that connects to the soffit. It’s attached to the edge of your roof for protection against weather. It is normally the one supporting the weight of the gutters. Fascia boards have aesthetic function as well; they give the roof a clean, smooth finish. It is usually painted to match or complement the color scheme of the rest of the house.

Roofing parts that are old, damaged, or improperly installed could compromise the integrity of the rest of the roofing system. It’s not enough that you know their names, their function, and where in the roof they can be found. It’s imperative that they’re kept in top shape all the time. When your fascia or soffit boards need attention, turn only to experts in roofing in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas.

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